Does my culture reflect in the jewelry I wear?

 How Culture Effects the Jewelry You Wear

When you put on a particular type of jewelry, one might focus on how it looks with the clothing the wear or what it says about their style. Some jewelry might have sentimental value to you: for example, a particular ring might have been passed down from your mother or grandmother. For many years now, jewelry has a bee an ideal way to adorn the body, however they can also play a symbolic meaning or cultural meaning. Meaning of various jewelry in different cultures will be different depending on the piece, material and the country that one is in. By exploring the various jewelry from numerous cultures around the world, one will have a better understanding of jewelry out there. Jewelry has been around for a long time, with certain pieces dating back 90,000 years or more. Jewelry form older times consisted of material such as stones, shells, wood, feathers and other natural items, however such jewelry had significant meaning. In some cultures, they created jewelry in particular styles and designs so as to represent certain affiliations of beliefs. As the years’ progresses, many of the cultural meaning and symbolism of the jewelry still remain vital.

Despite the various materials and designs of jewelry out there, there are still those pieces that still have meaning or cultural effects similar to early jewelry. Some of the common culture effects or purposes include the following:

Currency –

In various duration of history, in some cultures, jewelry was used as a form of currency or tool for trading. Today, there are certain cultures that still use it as a form of currency, which is based on the value of the material used to make the jewelry.

Wealth Security –

Certain jewelry provide the owner with a sense ours source of wealth security. Certain high-end jewelry can be an investment to the one who buys it. On large sale, royal jewelry can depict wealth security of an entire culture, community or country.

Status Symbol –

Throughout in history and also today, jewelry will represent one’s personal status. In some cultures, important people or high status people would wear jewelry that is more valuable compared to other type of people.

Religion –

In most cultures, various pieces of jewelry play a religious role. Certain jewelry may be used to depict a particular level of position in religion. In other cases, jewelry would be used to commemorate a particular religious event.

These are a few culture effects of jewelry that is won by most people out there. Other effects include functional elements, relationships, fashion accent, rites of passage and much more. It is ideal to have an understanding of jewelry and what meaning they have in certain cultures or communities.