Divali Jewelry History

The History of Divali Jewelry

Divali is a celebration that takes place around October, following the dates as suggested by the Hindu lunar calendar. It’s one of India’s largest festivals. The word Divali itself is derived from another Sanskrit phrase “Deepavali.” This means “A series of lighted lamps.”

This is why Divali is the festival of lights and has a vast amount of history and traditions that go along with the celebrations. It is celebrated all across India as well as many other places in the world.

What Is the Celebration About?
For most celebrants, the season marks the return of the deities Sita and Rama to Ayodhya. This occurred after a fourteen year period of exile. To celebrate their arrival, people lit lamps to illuminate the path.

For others, the festival is liked to the goddess Lakshmi. She is known for prosperity and wealth. Her birth is the first day of the five-day event.

Overall, it’s significance in universal symbolism remains the victory of light over darkness. With that image in mind, people dress to the nines to prepared for the event and celebrate new beginnings.

Where Does the Jewelry Fit In?
With the start of Divali, those who celebrate dress up in brand new clothes, wear henna and light candles. The primary focus of the celebration clothing is to appreciate the bright lights. Gold, diamonds, and different types of polished stones are used to add a bright flare against embroidered pieces of traditional clothing.

Divali is also considered to be one of the most significant shopping periods in India. Since the festivities celebrate the goddess of prosperity and wealth, celebrators go all out on their purchases of gold, gifts, clothing, and jewelry.

Two days before Divali, on Dhanteras, is where most shoppers hope to buy gold, jewelry, and body ornaments. On the day before Divali, people also tend to purchase gold jewelry because the metal is believed to bring more wealth to the individual or family.

All That Glitters Is Gold
Did you know about the history of Divali and the traditions of wearing jewelry? Does your family do anything special to celebrate their culture? This Divali season makes sure to get something special for those that you love and bring a new shine to their year.